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Guard Dog

Guard Dog Specs

GD Auto Dialer

GD Data Logger

NEMA 7 Guard Dog

NEMA 4X Guard Dog

SpillGuard Technologies'™ initial product is the Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System®, the GuardDog™, a proprietary patented spill prevention technology developed to prevent spills, loss of life, loss of assets, product theft, sabotage, over pressurization of cargo tank, environmental contamination and costs associated with clean up.

Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System, Spill Prevention Technology

GuardDog Datalogger System III
This option enables automatic capture and log of all events that occur in a network of GuardDog units.


GD Auto Dialer
With this option the GuardDog will alert you when an event occurs.

offered for installation and certification ensuring that the GuardDog operates at peek performance. 

Installation and Integration
We have developed relationships with trusted service providers to help our customers ensure proper installation of the GuardDog and peripheral devices.

The choice is yours, whether you choose our certified sources for installation and integration or your own trusted sources our highly trained staff will certify the installation.


"GuardDog isn’t spill prevention… It’s SPILL ELIMINATION."

Mr. Slatt, Travis AFB


"The GuardDog allows me to sleep at night..."



"Wow... The GuardDog prevented a spill day one!"

Eastman Chemicals Company


We tried, but simply could not break the GuardDog."

CMSgt Joseph Mangum



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