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Guard Dog

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GD Auto Dialer

NEMA 7 Guard Dog

NEMA 4X Guard Dog

Solutions | GuardDog DataLogger System III™

GuardDog Datalogger System III improves visibility and accountability of personnel, drivers and equipment performance. 

Key Benefits

  • Automatically Captures Event Data
  • Enables Analysis of Key Facility Performance Metrics
  • Supports Improved Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduced Risk
  • Optional CDMA Modems Allow Remote Data Capture and Management



"Before GuardDog, we had no way of assessing how a control valve was performing, until there was a failure."

MSgt Jeffery Carlton


"The GuardDog allows me to sleep at night..."



"When the GuardDog is on duty, the rest of us can relax."

CMSgt Joseph Mangum





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