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Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System® - Spill Prevention Technology
With the environment, life safety and product security in mind, we developed the proprietary patented GuardDog to continuously monitor from 1 to 2 sets of Overfill Detection and Static Ground units, from 1 to 8 individual product meter pulses, up to two vapor recovery hose pressure transducers, and from 1 to 8 individual preset pump commands per unit.

Under normal conditions the GuardDog is silent, until its predictive intelligence predicts valve failure within 750 msec of a wet probe event.  Upon the predicted valve failure, it immediately leaps into action to shutdown pumps, close storage tank base valves and lock out the loading operation. It alerts management personnel of the problem and provides an opportunity for investigation. The GuardDog gives management control by not allowing loading to continue or resume until management determines that it is safe to load again by initiating a keyed system reset switch.

Not only does the GuardDog stop potential spills in their tracks, but it also sniffs out potential leaks, prevents over pressurization of cargo tank and attempted sabotage and product theft.  It prevents catastrophic events while maximizing performance and minimizing false positives.  The GuardDog gives management significant improvement in facility safety, security and control.

The GuardDog is extremely flexible and easily integrated into the load rack operation. Typical configuration requires one GuardDog per load lane. The unit works in concert with our Pump & Valve Controller and other safety components and emergency shutdown circuits to provide a fail-safe mechanism for quenching flow when a valve failure or other critical events are predicted or detected.

Immediate Preemptive Action
Our patented predictive intelligence responds within 750msec of:

  • Valve Failure

  • Unauthorized Product Flow

    • Leak

    • Attempted Product Theft

    • Attempted Sabotage

  • Zero Flow After a Product Flow Command

  • Unauthorized Pump(s) Running

  • Staged Control Shut Down When a Critical Vapor Recovery Hose Pressure is Reached* (Patent Pending)

  • Catastrophic Failure of Overfill Probe and Associated Overfill Detection Equipment* (Patent Pending)
  • Bypassed Overfill Detection Equipment* (Patent Pending)

Resulting Preemptive Action: Closure of Only Effected Product(s) Secondary Valve(s) and Pump(s)

* Requires optional external interface sensors

Key Benefits

  • Overcomes human error and negligence in fuel and hazardous liquid transfer operations.
  • Predicts mechanical valve failure and takes preemptive action to shut down product flow - PREVENTS SPILLS
  • Mitigates effects of false positives - Takes action only when required
  • Prevents over pressurization of cargo tank (Patent Pending)
  • Prevents product theft
  • Prevents driver from loading after an overfill (wet probe) event eliminating the possibility of driver offloading overfill fuel into their five gallon bucket to continue loading other compartments
  • Prevents sabotage
  • Detects leaks to PREVENT SPILLS
  • Detects catastrophic failure of overfill probe and associated overfill detection equipment (Patent Pending)
  • Detects bypassed overfill detection equipment (Patent Pending)
  • Real time display of valve performance every time the valve is commended to close (Time and Volume)
  • Captures:
  • Provides around the clock protection against human error and equipment failure at the fuel transfer operations
  • Keeps the fuel where it belongs, in the pipe or the vessel, and not on the ground or water

GuardDog's Key Performance Metrics

  • 7 year record and 100% success rate of eliminating fuel spills while delivering 10’s of billions of gallons of fuel in 10's of millions of loads at tanker truck facilities
  • Delivers immediate benefits with less than 18 month break-even return on investment.
  • Stops reportable spill accidents associated with loading fuel
  • Eliminates VOC releases by preventing spills and over pressurization of cargo tanks
  • Eliminates regulatory fines due to spills caused during fuel loading
  • Eliminates remediation costs due to spills associated with fuel transfer operations
  • Reduces or eliminates regulatory enforcement agent visits to your facility
  • Delivers positive public relations opportunities while eliminating PR nightmares due to spills during fuel loading
  • Delivers a marked improvement in the safety and security of facility and personnel 24x7x365
  • Provides management a tool for assessing personnel and equipment performance


"GuardDog isn’t spill prevention… It’s SPILL ELIMINATION."

Mr. Slatt, Travis AFB




"The GuardDog allows me to sleep at night..."





"When the GuardDog is on duty, the rest of us can relax."

CMSgt Joseph Mangum




"Wow... The GuardDog prevented a spill day one!"

Eastman Chemicals Company




"I can go home at night knowing that a truck won’t overfill at the fuel stand."

MSgt Jeffery Carlton




We tried, but simply could not break the GuardDog."

CMSgt Joseph Mangum









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